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The BreedersBEST Prolific is a maternal composite breed utilising East Friesian, Finn, SAMM and NZ composite genetics. When crossed with a Merino ewe they produce an ideal F1 Prime lamb dam.



The aim of the Prolific genetics program is to produce a maternal line that can conceive and rear increased numbers of fast growing prime lambs with large carcasses and minimal fat cover.



- HIGH FERTILITY AND FECUNDITY - weaning rates 150%

- EARLY MATURING LARGE FRAMED CARCASSES -allowing weights up to 30kg whilst maintaining ideal fat cover


- LOW MICRON WOOL - 4.5 - 5kg of 23.5 micron wool from F1 Prolific ewes


- EARLY FERTILITY- MATE LAMBS FROM 7 - 8 MONTHS OF AGE expected conception up to 90%


Commercial producers are continuing to achieve excellent lambing percentages from Prolific genetics. Download our BreedersBEST 2021 Winter Newsletter to view the latest updates- including Evergreen Grazing Company achieving 162.3% fecundity from F1 Prolific ewes mated.






  • Evergreen Grazing Company mated 9,000 F1 Prolific ewes in February this year and pregnancy scanned at 162.3% - these ewes cut 4.65kg of 22.3 micron wool. Over the past three years the operation has sold 38,864 lambs to WAMMCO to an average carcase weight (CWT) of 23.47kg. The current gross income of their commercial ewes at 14DSE per winter grazed hectare at 150% and lambs weighing 23.47kg CWT at 650cents/kg CWT equates to $1830.66 / ha. In addition the wool value is an additional $260 / ha.

  • Rod Stokes at Cunderdin has been utilising Prolific genetics over his Merino ewes for several years.  The resultant F1 Prolific ewe lambs mated at seven nomnths of age achieved 97% lambs marked.  The two subsequent years these same ewes achieved 153% and 147% when mated to terminal rams.

  • Scott Newbey from Broomehill, has been closely comparing his Prolific F1 flock to his Merino ewe flock. Scott stated "my blue tag Prolific F1 ewes scanned at 60% twins and cut 4.67 kg of 22.95 micron wool which sold for 1013c/kg geasy. My blue tag merino ewes cut 5.46 kg which sold for 1059c/kg, however the extra lambs expected should well exceed any difference in wool price". Scott also mated his F1 ewe lambs at 7 - 8 months of age and achieved an 80% pregnancy rate with about half expecting twins.

  • Mark Madew from Gingin purchased Prolific rams last season for the first time and is extremely eulogistic with the resulting progeny. He recently sold 250 F1 Prolific wether lambs in the Muchea sale yard and averaged $144.50. In comparison, his X Bred terminal lambs, although on better pasture, did not achieve the same weights as the F1 Prolifics. Mark is excited about mating his F1 Prolific ewe lambs this coming season, anticipating mating weights to average mid 50kg which should achieve a 90% plus conception rate.

For a Prolific ewe to enter the BreedersBEST GENETICS breeding nucleus, the Prolific ewe lambs must conceive and rear twin lambs by 13 - 15 months of age.


Commercial producers are continuing to achieve excellent lambing percentages from both Prolific and Kojak genetics.
Barry Hardie and his three sons, Denabling Williams, run a flock of 5,000 Prolific F1 ewes and have been averaging around 140% lambs marked for the last few years. This year several mobs achieved greater than 150% lambs marked to ewes mated.
Gary Lang Wickepin uses 1st Cross Prolific ewes for his entire sheep program. He has continuously achieved lambing results of 140% plus each year. This year Gary's ewe lambs mated at 8 months of age scanned at 145%. Gary uses Ashbourne White Suffolk rams over his Prolific cross ewes to produce his terminal lambs.
Richard Milne in Borden uses 1st cross Prolific ewes for his Prime lamb production. Last year Richard weaned 140% lambs from ewes mated and was extremely pleased with the progeny. At pregnancy scanning this year, Richards Prolific F1 ewes had such a high pregnancy percentage of multiples with virtually no dry's so he stopped scanning them and treated the entire flock as multiple bearing ewes.

Anyone who has Prolific F1 ewe lambs surplus to their requirements are encouraged to contact us as we have increased demand for them at a premium price.

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