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The BreedersBEST Prolific is a maternal composite breed utilising East Friesian, Finn, SAMM and NZ composite genetics. When crossed with a Merino ewe they produce an ideal F1 Prime lamb dam.


The aim of the Prolific genetics program is to produce a maternal line that can conceive and rear increased numbers of fast growing prime lambs with large carcasses & ideal fat cover whilst maintaining stylish low micron wool.

For a Prolific ewe to enter the BreedersBEST Embryo transfer program she must rear twins when mated at 7 - 8 months of age.

sheep2.jpgCommercial producers are continuing to achieve excellent lambing percentages from Prolific genetics.

Download our BreedersBEST 2023 Winter Newsletter to view the latest updates- including Evergreen Grazing Company achieving 162.3% fecundity from F1 Prolific ewes mated.


Anyone who has Prolific F1 ewe lambs surplus to their requirements are encouraged to contact us as we have increased demand for them at a premium price.